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Contrasting Luxury – The Wedding Yurts Spring Styled Shoot

18th of June 2015

Well, this is the perfect post with which to celebrate Midsummer! I’m so excited to share the images from our annual spring shoot with you and I know you’ll love them as much as I do. I wanted to give this shoot a really feminine feel and create something that’s full of fun and just oozes a beautiful, relaxed yet super luxe atmosphere with lots of laughter. In short, it’s a shoot that absolutely reflects everything that Wedding Yurts is all about.

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5641 Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5606Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5587Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5645Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5635Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5608Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5610

The shoot features a decadent yet light colour palette of cream, gold and blush with flecks of pinks and copper touches. The simple glass jars are filled with masses of seasonal English flowers, delicate lace tablemats contrast with concrete candleholders and soft gowns combine with edgy hairstyles. It’s a story of contrasts and a tale of the gloriously unexpected that really appeals to me.

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5376Wedding Flowers - Ranunculas - Yurts and Flowers Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5392Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5397Wedding - Tablescape - Styling - Lace - Etched Glass - Tarnished Cutlery - Vintage  Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons - Styling - Lizzie Jones - Luxury Wedding Yurt Packages Oysters - Luxury Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5709Luxury Wedding Yurts - Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane SimmonsWedding Flowers - Spring - Foxgloves - Sweetpeas - Peonies - Styled Shoot - Wedding Yurts - Yurt Hire

Every element you see and every detail you notice is just full of surprises. From the gold industrial plastic chairs that contrast with the natural structure of the yurts and the tulle and sequins that sit among straw bale sofas and old wooden crates to the tarnished silver cutlery and etched crystal saucers that hold vintage champagne or one of Wedding Yurts’ signature cocktails (and you can see more of these over on Coco Wedding Venues too!)

Tulle - Sequins - Styling - Lizzie JonesWedding Yurts - Spring - Styling - Luxury - Sequins - Couture - Outdoor Weddings - Yurt hire Tulle - Sequins - Couture Wedding Dress - Outdoor Wedding - Lizzie Jones - StylingWedding Yurts Styled Shoot - Boho - Luxe - Sequins - Glitter - Luxury Outdoor Wedding - Yurt HireLuxury outdoor wedding venue  - Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot - GloucestershireWedding Cake - Styling - Wedding Yurts - Lizzie Jones - Spring Shoot - Wedding Flowers - Outdoor Wedding

I also wanted to add another layer of interest by featuring a best woman rather than a retinue of bridesmaids so you’ll see these happy friends indulging with oysters, champagne and delicious cakes whilst enjoying their gorgeous surroundings.

Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot  - Outdoor Wedding - Luxury Wedding Yurts - Yurt Hire - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons

Stunning couture wedding dress by Jessica Charleston

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5888Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5895Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5905Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5907Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons

It would be brilliant to see more best women at weddings and having a met a few in the last couple of years, I can say that they’re always fabulous. They make the most touching speeches and they’re totally there for the bride. It’s a truly suitable title for your very best friend.


And this shoot was an amazingly suitable way for us to kick off what’s going to be a fantastic year for Wedding Yurts. As you read this, we’re getting ready to get back on the road for our nomadic wedding life and enjoy almost three months of back-to-back weddings during the summer months. We can’t wait and we’ll be sharing lots of snippets on Instagram so make sure you’re following us there. There will also be lots more on our blog – see you back here soon.

Love, Lizzie x

p.s. If you can’t wait for our next post featuring our beautiful wedding yurts, then why not hop on over to Bespoke Bride where you can see the yurts featuring in another shoot with a totally different style.

Full Shoot Credits:

Wedding Yurts, Styling and Art direction – Lizzie Jones of Wedding Yurts

Photographer – Alethiea De Pasquale of Xander & Thea

Bridal Gowns – Jessica Charleston

Flowers – Christiane Simmons of Honeysuckle Bee

Hair – Annie Russell

Make Up – Katy Pheiffer

Jewellery – Cara Tonkin

Stationery – Bunti Blue Designs

Cakes – Radha Kuhnert

Oysters – Maldon Oyster Company

Hair Accessories – Klaire Van Elton

Giant Paper Pom Pom Peonies – Pom Pom Blossom

Venue – Maisemore Court Farm

Models – Maya Black and Lizzie Van Zyl

Oozing Vintage Glamour

17th of September 2013

This season of our nomadic wedding journey is coming to an end, it is one full of great memories and abundant love, and that is something I would like to share with you.

We have have travelled all over the U.K (approximately 4000 miles!) and discovered some stunning locations. Additionally, we met some truly beautiful couples, worked with some amazingly creative wedding peeps, and enjoyed the sunshine and British countryside. Also, the delicious cold pints of cider after a hard day’s yurt erection were a treat that went down very well… :0)

However, our absolute favourite thing has been witnessing our beautiful couples as they celebrated their love and commitment with family and friends. On that note, I will be sharing lots of photos and tales from our nomadic wedding adventure over the next few weeks in my blog, so stay tuned…

Before we get to that, I’d like to share the very long awaited photos from our extravagant photo shoot, which took place in May and was coordinated and styled by yours truly.

It was the beginning of the Gatsby fever and the buzz before the film was infectious. The nation’s creative industries and individuals became delightfully squiffy on the glamour and style it embodied, which worked out perfectly for me. And the reason for that is…

I LOVE 20’S and 30’s vintage glamour! I had wanted to incorporate my passion for it into my wedding creations anyway, so, with the nation’s timely obsession as a sign, coupled with my own enthusiasm, the final theme for our extravagant spring shoot was born.  However, let’s step back a little further in time for a moment, so you get the whole picture…

Once a year in the spring we have a Wedding Yurts photo shoot to coincide with our annual open day and showcase our Wedding Yurts. The concept for the shoot was, in fact, seeded a long time ago, pre Gatsby fever, when I first met the beautiful and very talented Helena Rose, an Aeriel artiste.

I really wanted to show off the beautiful interior of our 32ft Wedding Yurt, it has a dome shaped structure surrounding the central wheel, also referred to as ‘the eye to heaven’. It’s the perfect space for an aerial performance and, so, when I met Helena Rose, we knew immediately that we should work together and create a visual showcase.

Another element that was really important to us to show off this year was our brand new oak floors. The oak floors transform our yurts from a tent into a luxury boutique wedding venue, giving our couples an outdoor wedding experience like no other. Also, we wanted to celebrate the long awaited spring, new beginnings and the start of this year’s Wedding Yurts adventure.

Wedding Yurts 32ft Luxury

And so, with the power of all this inspiration plus the desire to bring the style and glamour of the 20’s and 30’s into my creation, the design for the shoot really began to blossom, literally… flowers compliment the yurt’s natural structure and for our shoot I wanted to design a flower installation: a huge arch of cascading, heavenly cherry blossom to frame Helena Rose who would be suspended from the centre of the yurt.

I enlisted the help of Saffron Dodds-Smith from Bath Flowers who really showed off her remarkable, florally artistic and architectural expertise when she created and installed the piece. She skillfully weaved my design into reality; it was most impressive to watch.

Helena Rose, whilst surrounded by the enchanting clouds of pink blossom and performing in the suspended hoop, modelled especially chosen vintage-inspired gowns and adornments by, The State of Grace. We are so excited to have worked with London’s only bespoke head-to-toe design, styling and beauty house, founded by designer and stylist, Lucia Silver. Lucia designs all the dresses, jewellery, head adornments and accessories using a hugely skilled U.K creative team.

Yurt Gatsby 1

The scenes were captured by the highly recommended British photographer, Louise Holgate, who specialises in creating natural, beautiful and dramatic images. Louise’s artistry in her field is outstanding and her passion for her work really shines through her images.

Louise worked with us on our Festival Wedding shoot and our spring open day. Also, she photographed a very special and magical yurt wedding in Gloucestershire this summer for Danielle and George.  I will be posting these photos very soon! So, if you’re looking for a photographer to immortalise the beauty and love of your wedding day then I can’t recommend Louise highly enough. She is absolutely brilliant.

Emma Hibbs, a Bristol based hair stylist created immaculate 1920’s and 30’s hairstyles for us, which entirely compliment Lucia’s vintage inspired gowns and jewelery. Katy Elizabeth, a superb make-up artist with a background in fine art, created two stunning and thoroughly harmonious looks: one for the day scene, and one for the night scene.

I loved working with all these experts. It was a dream collaboration and I am thrilled with the results. Without the contribution of all the people involved in this shoot, as with all Wedding Yurts events, it would not have been possible to make this vision real. I love working with like minded people and creating beautiful, relaxed and inspiring spaces with a ‘WOW’ factor for our Wedding Yurt couples. They deserve the best and that is what we always strive to provide.

We are blessed to have the pleasure of working with many wonderful British craftspeople that do everything from building yurts to baking cakes, and they do with such skill, style and grace that is second to none.

The team beautifully interlaced their skills in order to create the dazzling scene captured in these photos; I hope you like them. I would love to hear your thoughts, so please do send them in.

The summer wedding season may be coming to a gentle close for 2013 but our nomadic wedding adventure is far from over, so stay with us via our blog and we’ll make the magic of the summer love last together.


Lizzie X

Yurt Gatsby 5Yurt Gatsby screen res-5Yurt Gatsby 4Yurt Gatsby 2Yurt Gatsby 6Yurt Gatsby 7Yurt Gatsby screen res-54Yurt Gatsby 9Yurt Gatsby screen res-51Yurt Gatsby screen res-61Yurt Gatsby screen res 12Yurt Gatsby screen res-38Yurt Gatsby screen res-68Photo Shoot Contributors and contact details:

Lizzie Jones Owner of Wedding Yurts, Stylist and photo shoot concept www.weddingyurts.co.uk

Helena Rose, Aerial artiste and performer.

Lucia Silver, The State of Grace. Dresses and Accessories, www.thestateofgrace.com

Louise Holgate, Photographer, www.louiseholgate.com

Saffron Dodds-Smith, Florist, www.bath-flowers.com

Emma Hibbs, Hair Stylist, Basement 7 Hairdressing

Katy Elizabeth,  Make Up Artist, www.bristolmakeupartist.co.uk

Location, Maisemore Court Farm, www.maisemorecourt.co.uk

8th of April 2013

Champagne Picnic ~ Wedding Yurts Open Day.

Champagne Picnic ~ WeddinG Yurts Open Day!

We would like to invite you to our Wedding Yurts Open Day. We will be showcasing all four luxury Wedding Yurts at a beautiful lakeside venue in Gloucester. Come and enjoy a glass of bubbly, bring a picnic and enjoy a relaxed day out. We would love to meet you! X

Welcome to this season of our nomadic wedding life, dedicated to creating luxurious, stylish, outdoor celebrations.

1st of April 2013

This year is set to be the best yet with a full season of glorious weddings held in our luxury wedding yurts, at stunning locations all over the UK.

Travel is in our very nature, and just as nomadic craft-workers and merchants throughout history have travelled to create and serve those who need their skills, Wedding Yurts will be travelling and serving some charming couples on the most special day of their lives.

For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Lizzie, the founder of Wedding Yurts, and I’ll be writing to you regularly from our mobile Wedding Yurts home, a cute little 80’s caravan, to let you know where we are and what we’re doing, and to fill you in on the exciting details and intimate stories of our journey through this summer of love.

I will be working and travelling with Jim the love of my life, my best friend and best business partner ever! We will be travelling 3,500 miles in total, and that journey will see us in some remote, gorgeous and magical locations.

Our U.K adventure will take us to the famous Loch Ness, on the site of the magnificent Aldourie Castle. We will be serving mouthwatering aphrodisiac chocolate canapés and our signature champagne cocktails from our sumptuously decorated pink yurt, guaranteed to add a sparkle to a very decadent party.

Our Wedding Yurt travel diary will be full of free spirited, D.I.Y weddings, the kind that we love. In June we will be lapping up the sea breeze and enjoying beautiful ocean views, as we celebrate the nuptials of one blissfully happy couple, in Woolacombe bay, North Devon.

In July, we will be in a splendid garden by Ullswater Lake, in the breathtaking Eden Valley of Cumbria. Some say it is the most beautiful lake in the country, situated in a heavenly corner of paradise on Earth.

So there you are, a little taster of what is to come, our diary is jam packed full of wedding gorgeousness.

Aside from creating perfect weddings this year, we are also really looking forward to our exciting photo shoot in April, at which we will introduce a new circus string to our Wedding Yurts bow with our aerial performances that will make it rain Champagne – literally! The circus has always been traditionally nomadic, and so, we know it’s just the perfect finishing touch for our wonderfully decadent and unique events.

Also, we have the Wedding Yurts Open Day in May to look forward to. We would love you to come along, so you can see how superb our yurts are, and let’s not forget our divine new oak floors, which are so beautiful and perfectly designed by Jim and my very talented carpenter brother, David Jones (http://djcarpentrysolutions.co.uk) The oak floors compliment the yurts adding an extra level of luxury needed for a outdoor weeding. They are solid to stand, sit and dance the night away on!

If you would like to meet us and some of the other professional dream-makers we work with to create perfect wedding days and events, this would be the perfect time, and we would love to meet you. I’ll keep you posted on the date and hope to see you there!

We wish to share the story of our wedding yurt season with you, and I hope you will join us on our spectacular journey, so that we can show you behind the scenes of intimate and memorable celebrations created by working with and for our lovely couples. Unforgettable days full of luxury, comfort, beauty, freedom of creative expression, and most of all, LOVE! At Wedding Yurts, we do everything with a touch of love; nothing less will do!

Lizzie X

For more information check out our website www.weddingyurts.co.uk or contact Lizzie on 07816452080 or e mail lizzie@weddingyurts.co.uk