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Contrasting Luxury – The Wedding Yurts Spring Styled Shoot

18th of June 2015

Well, this is the perfect post with which to celebrate Midsummer! I’m so excited to share the images from our annual spring shoot with you and I know you’ll love them as much as I do. I wanted to give this shoot a really feminine feel and create something that’s full of fun and just oozes a beautiful, relaxed yet super luxe atmosphere with lots of laughter. In short, it’s a shoot that absolutely reflects everything that Wedding Yurts is all about.

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5641 Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5606Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5587Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5645Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5635Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5608Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5610

The shoot features a decadent yet light colour palette of cream, gold and blush with flecks of pinks and copper touches. The simple glass jars are filled with masses of seasonal English flowers, delicate lace tablemats contrast with concrete candleholders and soft gowns combine with edgy hairstyles. It’s a story of contrasts and a tale of the gloriously unexpected that really appeals to me.

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5376Wedding Flowers - Ranunculas - Yurts and Flowers Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5392Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5397Wedding - Tablescape - Styling - Lace - Etched Glass - Tarnished Cutlery - Vintage  Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons - Styling - Lizzie Jones - Luxury Wedding Yurt Packages Oysters - Luxury Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5709Luxury Wedding Yurts - Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane SimmonsWedding Flowers - Spring - Foxgloves - Sweetpeas - Peonies - Styled Shoot - Wedding Yurts - Yurt Hire

Every element you see and every detail you notice is just full of surprises. From the gold industrial plastic chairs that contrast with the natural structure of the yurts and the tulle and sequins that sit among straw bale sofas and old wooden crates to the tarnished silver cutlery and etched crystal saucers that hold vintage champagne or one of Wedding Yurts’ signature cocktails (and you can see more of these over on Coco Wedding Venues too!)

Tulle - Sequins - Styling - Lizzie JonesWedding Yurts - Spring - Styling - Luxury - Sequins - Couture - Outdoor Weddings - Yurt hire Tulle - Sequins - Couture Wedding Dress - Outdoor Wedding - Lizzie Jones - StylingWedding Yurts Styled Shoot - Boho - Luxe - Sequins - Glitter - Luxury Outdoor Wedding - Yurt HireLuxury outdoor wedding venue  - Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot - GloucestershireWedding Cake - Styling - Wedding Yurts - Lizzie Jones - Spring Shoot - Wedding Flowers - Outdoor Wedding

I also wanted to add another layer of interest by featuring a best woman rather than a retinue of bridesmaids so you’ll see these happy friends indulging with oysters, champagne and delicious cakes whilst enjoying their gorgeous surroundings.

Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot  - Outdoor Wedding - Luxury Wedding Yurts - Yurt Hire - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons

Stunning couture wedding dress by Jessica Charleston

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5888Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5895Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5905Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5907Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons

It would be brilliant to see more best women at weddings and having a met a few in the last couple of years, I can say that they’re always fabulous. They make the most touching speeches and they’re totally there for the bride. It’s a truly suitable title for your very best friend.


And this shoot was an amazingly suitable way for us to kick off what’s going to be a fantastic year for Wedding Yurts. As you read this, we’re getting ready to get back on the road for our nomadic wedding life and enjoy almost three months of back-to-back weddings during the summer months. We can’t wait and we’ll be sharing lots of snippets on Instagram so make sure you’re following us there. There will also be lots more on our blog – see you back here soon.

Love, Lizzie x

p.s. If you can’t wait for our next post featuring our beautiful wedding yurts, then why not hop on over to Bespoke Bride where you can see the yurts featuring in another shoot with a totally different style.

Full Shoot Credits:

Wedding Yurts, Styling and Art direction – Lizzie Jones of Wedding Yurts

Photographer – Alethiea De Pasquale of Xander & Thea

Bridal Gowns – Jessica Charleston

Flowers – Christiane Simmons of Honeysuckle Bee

Hair – Annie Russell

Make Up – Katy Pheiffer

Jewellery – Cara Tonkin

Stationery – Bunti Blue Designs

Cakes – Radha Kuhnert

Oysters – Maldon Oyster Company

Hair Accessories – Klaire Van Elton

Giant Paper Pom Pom Peonies – Pom Pom Blossom

Venue – Maisemore Court Farm

Models – Maya Black and Lizzie Van Zyl

Beautifully Bespoke!

16th of April 2013

Hello, and welcome to my second post. I really hope you enjoyed the first and felt warmly welcomed into our beautiful world; a world full of travel, love and dreams.

Today, I want to invite you to look at something extra-special that we offer to all those seeking an utterly marvellous, all-inclusive and stress-free option for the perfect wedding day. Have you heard about our luxury Wedding Yurt packages? Let me tell you a little about them…

First and foremost, our wedding packages are stunning in terms of design and work superbly when brought to life; we know this because we started with one, and it was so successful that we simply had to create more! For more information go to  Wedding Yurt Packages

Additionally, they allow our delightful couples to have a wedding day that reflects a classic, gorgeous style that they love, whether it’s English country-chic, vintage glamour, or wildly pretty.

Our hand-picked suppliers have come together with us to offer a unique and very special service, because we understand how complicated the planning process can be when it comes to organising a wedding, whether it be for the wedding cake, or the style of a button hole. Therefore, each individual element is covered within our all-inclusive packages.

For our first package, we teamed up with Clare Lee of Lilyfee Floral Designs, a successful wedding florist and stylist, and owner of our first venue, The Old Farmhouse, which is set in a stunning countryside location in the Cotswolds. I met Clare through Twitter and we hit it off immediately. Several cups of tea later and the concept for a Wedding Yurt package was born. We both wanted to help our couples with the planning process, to extend our services and to share our extensive list of wonderful and creative suppliers. After all, weddings should be about celebrating love, not stressing about organising different suppliers, paying everyone individually and worrying about how much it’s all going to cost.

Our packages are designed to alleviate stress and to make the costs of a yurt wedding clear and affordable, with one point of contact to ease the planning, and to create more time for focusing on the fun elements, like the menu, flowers and all the finer details that express individual style.

Our expertly crafted packages cover everything related to the Wedding Yurts and wedding venue, and we can recommend suppliers who complement each other and help to make your vision a reality. Our aim is to create a wedding experience that is enjoyable on the day itself, and throughout the planning.

We have now expanded our packages across the country and have many more to share with you over the coming months. Also, we can create a package with venues that you find, and we are very happy to work with your own suppliers, friends and family. We love one-off, alternative, ‘outside the box’ types of weddings.

Currently, we have three luxury bespoke wedding packages:

Cotswolds English Country Garden 

1.1 The Old Farmhouse - Country Garden

Magnificent Monmouthshire Castle


Shropshire Wildflower Meadow

Photo by Louise Holgate http://www.louiseholgate.com

Photo by Louise Holgate http://www.louiseholgate.com

Also, we have our exquisite Honeymoon Yurt and our sumptuous Champagne and Chocolate Yurt, which can be hired separately, or as part of the wedding packages. What more could anyone want for a super-special event?!

The answer from Chie and Russell, one of our deliriously happy couples from last summer is nothing! Our beautiful couple opted for the Cotswolds English Country Garden package, and had the most truly special, memorable and entirely brilliant day; and so did we!

The elements of Chie and Russell’s wedding included: our 32ft luxury Wedding Yurt, 20ft kitchen yurt, Champagne Yurt, Baby Yurt, the exclusive use of the gardens at The Old Farmhouse, a three course meal including drinks, welcome glass of champagne plus canapés for all, flowers, styling, wedding cake, wedding celebrant and entertainment.

Highlights of the day included glorious sunshine and blue skies (one of the only sunny days in 2012!), which meant everybody could enjoy the gardens. The ceremony was held outside and conducted by Christabel from One Life Weddings, with a stunning view of the beautiful Brendon Hills and Welsh Mountains as the backdrop.

(All photographs are by Ben Grubb, http://www.bengrubb.co.uk)

Russell & Chie's Wedding_288

 The bride and groom walked back up the aisle to Billy Idol’s White Wedding; perfect!

chie and russell

The bride had bridesmaids and bridesboys, all wearing oversized pink Dickie Bow ties, and everything had a shimmer of Japanese kitsch and oriental whimsy.

Russell & Chie's Wedding_246

The bouquets and flowers were created and styled by Clare Lee. Chie wished for large, round, ‘English’ and pink flowers. Therefore, Clare chose huge roses and many different dahlias as the main flowers for her bouquet. The theme for the whole wedding celebration was relaxed, informal, English countryside. Areas were brought to life with little groups of flowers and decorations that Chie loved such as wood crates, jam jars filled with blossom, vintage lace and bunting. Jars of flowers lined the paths and the eclectic style was continued onto the tables in the Yurts. Clare grouped together old tins, crystal, antique bottles and jars.

Russell & Chie's Wedding_280

It was so hot that we could remove the side walls of the yurt, allowing the summer breeze to meander through, whilst showing off Clare’s attractive floral borders.

Russell & Chie's Wedding_793

The catering was all done in-house in our 20ft yurt, but the luscious wedding cake was an Ombre pink ruffled cake by Curtis and co cakes; visually stunning and absolutely delicious!

Russell & Chie's Wedding_898

What about the dress? I hear you say… Well, the bride had not one, not two but three vintage wedding dresses!

The first dress was for the ceremony and it was the ideal dress with which to begin the day, with its huge bow bustle and a rear style reminiscent of the classic Kimono.

Russell & Chie's Wedding_391

The second was for the reception, and Chie looked flawless in the delicately embroidered, full skirted dress; the epitome of pretty and chic.

Russell & Chie's Wedding_690

The third dress was for the party and was a fabulous ode to 1950s vintage wedding style, with the sweet hemline lingering tantalizingly above the knee, quarter length sleeves and a nipped-in waistline to accentuate her shape, which was further flattered by the A-line full skirt from waist to knee. And of course, Chie accessorised very elegantly for each outfit.

Russell & Chie's Wedding_934

I must admit that I’m a total romantic at heart, and I cried more than once that day..  But the most I cried was when Russell gave his groom’s speech. He presented Chie with a pressed flower in a frame. It was the flower that Chie was wearing in her hair when Russell had asked her to marry him in Japan; he had saved it unbeknownst to her. Everybody in the yurt was in floods of tears… It simply couldn’t have been any sweeter!

Russell & Chie's Wedding_845

Choosing one of our packages meant that even though they were on the other side of the world, when they finally arrived for their wedding day, all went absolutely seamlessly. Their unique characters and personalities were represented in the fine details of what had been created for them and their guests, and everything was taken care of. The day was absolutely fantastic.

Here are some more photos from that lovely, lovely day:


Russell & Chie's Wedding_266Russell & Chie's Wedding_312Russell & Chie's Wedding_680Russell & Chie's Wedding_473Russell & Chie's Wedding_502boys Russell & Chie's Wedding_709Russell & Chie's Wedding_700Russell & Chie's Wedding_895

Well, that’s all for now… Of course, you can always email me or give me a call if you would like a little more information, or want to make a booking. Otherwise, I’ll write again soon!

Lizzie X

Wedding Yurt Package suppliers:

Wedding Yurts, Champagne Yurt, Baby Yurt, Kitchen Yurt, catering



Clare Lee owner of The Old Farmhouse and

flowers and styling http://www.lilyfeefloraldesigns.co.uk

Wedding cake by Jennie Brooks at http://www.curtisandcocakes.co.uk

Wedding Celebrant, Christabel Saunders from www.onelifeweddings.co.uk

Entertainment http://www.thehipcats.co.uk

Photographer, Ben Grubb http://www.bengrubb.co.uk