My nomadic life continues . . .

9th of December 2015

I have just spent the last couple of weeks volunteering at the refugee camp called The Jungle in Calais. It is a completely bonkers and crazy place. On one hand it is horrific, heartbreaking and inhumane and on the other it is absolutely amazing with human kindness and generosity in abundance. There are so many beautiful and caring people – I have shared hundreds of smiles, received so many hugs and been totally inspired by people’s ability to be strong and resilient, work together in solidarity and feel hope.


I have been involved in food distribution, working together with grass-roots organisations and volunteers to create a cohesive and sustainable plan for hot food distribution over the winter. It’s amazing what you can achieve in a couple of weeks with a bunch of like minded people, all on a mission to create an environment where basic human needs, such as hot food, clean water, shelter and warmth are catered for. There are teams of people working around the clock cooking, building, distributing warm cloths and fire wood – no one gets paid and there are no big organisations.


There are approximately 6000 + people living in The Jungle where sanitation is poor and there is very little infrastructure. I have personally witnessed very heavy handed behaviour by the police – using tear gas is a regular occurrence, terrorising innocent people just seems to be the norm with no one regulating what is right and wrong.

The French government simply won’t acknowledge there is a humanitarian crisis happening in Calais and will not give the camp the refugee status it requires in order for the U.N. and other NGOs to step in. The weather is also causing havoc in The Jungle – huge amounts of rain have turned the ground into a quagmire and the gale force winds rip through tents and flatten shelters.


So, the combination of the police brutality, lack of support from the government and the harsh winter weather makes every day life in the camp very difficult.

There are no solutions at the moment and so I feel it is important to help our friends, our fellow human beings, offer our support and come together in solidarity.


I have some time during our Winter season so I am heading back out there tomorrow for a week or so before Christmas and, while I’m there, all will be quite on the Wedding Yurts front but I promise I will be back soon with highlights from our summer of love.

Peace be upon you,

Lizzie x

If you would like to know more about the current refugee crises around the world, there is a very informative magazine called Escapism with loads of up to date info –

If you would like to offer your support by donating check out

Or if you would like to volunteer please e-mail

Happy New Year! Our 2017 Wedding Yurts Brochure Is Here!

28th of October 2015

Hello again!

I hope you’re having a wonderful autumn. We’re finally back at home after the most amazing summer on the road hosting beautiful yurt weddings all around the country. We’ll be sharing lots of images and stories from the season here on the blog over the coming weeks and months so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram because I can promise you that you won’t want to miss a single feature.

WY Brochure 2017 Final4

Anyway, I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that the Wedding Yurts 2017 brochure is now available! If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and would like a unique and individual celebration then we would love to bring our wonderful handmade Wedding Yurts to you.

WY Brochure 2017 Final

We are a complete travelling wedding venue and our comprehensive Luxury Wedding Yurt package means your guaranteed a fabulous experience from start to finish.

Inside the Wedding Yurts 2017 brochure, you’ll find details of our Luxury Wedding Yurt Packages plus all the services included, information about our Champagne Yurt Bar and delightful Honeymoon Yurt.

WY Brochure 2017 Final10

The brochure is packed full of tips and advice that are invaluable if you’re starting to plan your big day.

Now, I hate to have to tell you this but we do only work on a limited number of yurt weddings every year as this allows us to lavish time and attention on every client and we’re already taking bookings for 2017 so please get in touch soon as I’d hate for you to miss out. Just send me a little note and I’ll email a copy of our brand new brochure over to you straight away –

I’ll be back very soon with some of our summer highlights but, in the meantime, do take a look at our spring boho luxe shoot that was featured on the brilliant Love My Dress.


I love this time of year, my diary is full of planning meetings with our lovely couples, that means lots of tea and cake, getting creative and dreaming big.

Enjoy the cosy Autumn nights!

Lizzie x

All of the above photos were taken by Alethiea De Pasquale from Xander and Thea for our 2015 Spring styled shoot.

Newsflash! Winter & Spring Yurt Weddings Are Now Available!

3rd of August 2015

Hello again lovely readers and it’s so great to be back with you here on the Wedding Yurts blog.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted but, as you can imagine, we’ve been traveling all over the country hosting some of the most wonderful yurt weddings we’ve ever been part of. 2015 is just full of brilliance.

Anyway, I’m here today with some fantastic news – we’re extending our season into the winter and spring as we’ve teamed up with some stunning venues that will provide the very best backdrops for these super special occasions. So, if you’ve yet to book us for your wedding, read on…

Firstly, if the thought of a romantic, cosy and wonderfully memorable winter yurt wedding appeals then we have three brand new dates available in December 2015 and three in January 2016 available now. We’ll be set up at a fabulous venue in Gloucestershire so there’s no need to search for a site or worry about any of the practical arrangements – we’ll take care of everything for you.

Winter Wedding PhotoPhoto by Frances Taylor Evoke Pictures

Big wood-burners will keep you and your guests warm and snug whatever the weather and you’ll be welcomed by fire bowls and hundreds of twinkling lights. Inside will be decorated with lush winter furnishings. It’s going to be beyond amazing so please get in touch as soon as possible if you’d like to secure one of these very special dates for your winter wedding. Of course, we’ll be mixing some exclusive seasonal cocktails to celebrate!

We’re also stretching our 2016 season slightly to give more couples the opportunity to fall in love with everything Wedding Yurts has to offer. So, we have two April dates available at the Gloucestershire venue and three dates in September in beautiful woodland near Tetbury.

We’ll be collaborating with caterers, artists and musicians for these extra dates so you’re guaranteed a truly unique experience.

If you’d like to know more, do get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you.

photo(52)Photo by Lizzie – Flowers by Ruby & The Wolf

I’m so excited to be announcing this news today. We’ve always said that our Wedding Yurts would be perfect for special celebrations at any time of year and we’re just thrilled that there are more amazing weddings on the horizon.

Lizzie x

Contrasting Luxury – The Wedding Yurts Spring Styled Shoot

18th of June 2015

Well, this is the perfect post with which to celebrate Midsummer! I’m so excited to share the images from our annual spring shoot with you and I know you’ll love them as much as I do. I wanted to give this shoot a really feminine feel and create something that’s full of fun and just oozes a beautiful, relaxed yet super luxe atmosphere with lots of laughter. In short, it’s a shoot that absolutely reflects everything that Wedding Yurts is all about.

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5641 Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5606Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5587Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5645Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5635Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5608Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5610

The shoot features a decadent yet light colour palette of cream, gold and blush with flecks of pinks and copper touches. The simple glass jars are filled with masses of seasonal English flowers, delicate lace tablemats contrast with concrete candleholders and soft gowns combine with edgy hairstyles. It’s a story of contrasts and a tale of the gloriously unexpected that really appeals to me.

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5376Wedding Flowers - Ranunculas - Yurts and Flowers Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5392Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5397Wedding - Tablescape - Styling - Lace - Etched Glass - Tarnished Cutlery - Vintage  Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons - Styling - Lizzie Jones - Luxury Wedding Yurt Packages Oysters - Luxury Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5709Luxury Wedding Yurts - Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane SimmonsWedding Flowers - Spring - Foxgloves - Sweetpeas - Peonies - Styled Shoot - Wedding Yurts - Yurt Hire

Every element you see and every detail you notice is just full of surprises. From the gold industrial plastic chairs that contrast with the natural structure of the yurts and the tulle and sequins that sit among straw bale sofas and old wooden crates to the tarnished silver cutlery and etched crystal saucers that hold vintage champagne or one of Wedding Yurts’ signature cocktails (and you can see more of these over on Coco Wedding Venues too!)

Tulle - Sequins - Styling - Lizzie JonesWedding Yurts - Spring - Styling - Luxury - Sequins - Couture - Outdoor Weddings - Yurt hire Tulle - Sequins - Couture Wedding Dress - Outdoor Wedding - Lizzie Jones - StylingWedding Yurts Styled Shoot - Boho - Luxe - Sequins - Glitter - Luxury Outdoor Wedding - Yurt HireLuxury outdoor wedding venue  - Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot - GloucestershireWedding Cake - Styling - Wedding Yurts - Lizzie Jones - Spring Shoot - Wedding Flowers - Outdoor Wedding

I also wanted to add another layer of interest by featuring a best woman rather than a retinue of bridesmaids so you’ll see these happy friends indulging with oysters, champagne and delicious cakes whilst enjoying their gorgeous surroundings.

Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring Shoot  - Outdoor Wedding - Luxury Wedding Yurts - Yurt Hire - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons

Stunning couture wedding dress by Jessica Charleston

Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5888Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5895Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5905Wedding-Yurts--Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography-UK-and-Italy-5907Styling - Lizzie Jones - Wedding Yurts - Spring - Xander-and-Thea-Fine-Art-Wedding-Photography - Jessica Charleston Couture Wedding Dresses - Wedding Flowers - Christiane Simmons

It would be brilliant to see more best women at weddings and having a met a few in the last couple of years, I can say that they’re always fabulous. They make the most touching speeches and they’re totally there for the bride. It’s a truly suitable title for your very best friend.


And this shoot was an amazingly suitable way for us to kick off what’s going to be a fantastic year for Wedding Yurts. As you read this, we’re getting ready to get back on the road for our nomadic wedding life and enjoy almost three months of back-to-back weddings during the summer months. We can’t wait and we’ll be sharing lots of snippets on Instagram so make sure you’re following us there. There will also be lots more on our blog – see you back here soon.

Love, Lizzie x

p.s. If you can’t wait for our next post featuring our beautiful wedding yurts, then why not hop on over to Bespoke Bride where you can see the yurts featuring in another shoot with a totally different style.

Full Shoot Credits:

Wedding Yurts, Styling and Art direction – Lizzie Jones of Wedding Yurts

Photographer – Alethiea De Pasquale of Xander & Thea

Bridal Gowns – Jessica Charleston

Flowers – Christiane Simmons of Honeysuckle Bee

Hair – Annie Russell

Make Up – Katy Pheiffer

Jewellery – Cara Tonkin

Stationery – Bunti Blue Designs

Cakes – Radha Kuhnert

Oysters – Maldon Oyster Company

Hair Accessories – Klaire Van Elton

Giant Paper Pom Pom Peonies – Pom Pom Blossom

Venue – Maisemore Court Farm

Models – Maya Black and Lizzie Van Zyl

Welcome To Summer 2015 – The Season Has Started!

21st of May 2015

Well hello and welcome to the first Wedding Yurts blog post of the summer season and oh my goodness, what an amazing start it’s been, full of flowers and good weather – absolute heaven.

photo(27)Photo by Lizzie

We started our time on the road this year by actually being in one place for three weeks! The delightful Maisemore Court Farm was our home and you simply couldn’t wish for a more perfect place. With lovely owners, a picturesque site plus plenty of power, parking and easy access, we were very grateful to start the season here, hosting our open weekend, two beautiful yurt weddings and two styled photo-shoots – wow!

martin dabek photography_10Photo by Martin Dabek

Our open weekend was a huge success and I’d like to say a very public and very huge thank you to all the lovely couples that came to meet us and see our yurts. I loved every minute of the weekend and the exciting discussions that took place over tea and cake were totally inspiring.

2. martin dabek photography_41Photo by Martin Dabek

I also have to say that the yurts themselves were looking fantastic and I’ll admit that I had a lot of fun decorating inside and out with beautiful spring flowers. Christiane from Honeysuckle Bee (a florist I would recommend wholeheartedly) created a spectacular floral arrangement for the yurt entrance – beautiful, lush peonies and ranunculus overflowing from atop vintage wooden boxes. True springtime abundance!

4. martin dabek photography_03Photo by Martin Dabek

Outside the yurt, I added all the elements that just make an outdoor wedding – hay bales, rugs, blankets, fire bowls and storm lanterns sat alongside wooden crates covered with mini vases, brown bottles and rustic jugs that were full of foliage and flowers in creams, soft pinks, coral pinks with pops of deepest burgundy.

WY Lizzie 1

WY Lizzie 5

WY Lizzie 2

WY Lizzie 6Photos by Lizzie

Back inside the yurts, we certainly went to town with an abundance of natural beauty. The tables inside the 32ft yurt were decorated with vintage lace tablecloths, delicate glass candlesticks and urns filled with maidenhead ferns and saxifrage.

martin dabek photography_37Photo by Martin Dabek

When visitors stepped into the 20ft yurt, they were greeted by the sight of vases hanging from the centre of the yurt, filled with huge coral pink peonies that opened as the day went on.

peonyPhoto by Lizzie

Our vintage bar was another favourite with those who visited and was decorated with over sized amber bottles and brown demijohns, brimming over with delphiniums, spray roses and wax flowers.

martin dabek photography_17Photo by Martin Dabek

Of course a Wedding Yurts open weekend can’t possibly be called complete without cake and my talented friend Radha created us four delicious cakes – beetroot and chocolate; vanilla, mascarpone and raspberry; a gluten free pear almond and blueberry cake plus a fantastic carrot and walnut creation. Radha uses truly top quality ingredients and always finishes her cakes with beautiful decorations and one of our couples was so impressed they’ve booked her for their 2016 wedding! If cake is high on your wedding agenda (and I certainly believe it should be!) then do drop me an email and I’ll be very happy to put you in touch with Radha.

martin dabek photography_50Photo by Martin Dabek

cakePhoto by Lizzie

Once the excitement of the open weekend died down, we moved on to our annual spring photo-shoot and I absolutely can’t wait to share the results with you in a forthcoming blog. We were so lucky to be able to work with such a fabulous team of suppliers and I promise you that you won’t want to miss these images!

I was thrilled when asked by the very gorgeous girls from Bespoke Bride to help style a festival style shoot for Free People! it was a lot of Fun working with Emily and Jess, so again, watch this space…

bespoke bridePhoto by Ilaria Petrucci

But the weddings, oh the weddings. They were just heavenly. I am so happy to be back on the road and back doing what I love and over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be sharing our weddings and nomadic wedding life with you here on the Wedding Yurts blog. If the start of the season is anything to go by, you won’t want to miss a moment.

WY Lizzie 8

Lizzie x

p.s. I’m overjoyed to say that Wedding Yurts is now fully booked for 2016 – thank you to everyone who’s asked us to be part of their wedding. If you’d like to be added to our cancellation list or if you’d like to be the first to know when we open our diary for 2017 weddings, please send me an email.

Styling and Props  – Lizzie Jones

Flowers and Props – Christiane Simmons

Fair Weather and Foul

3rd of April 2015

Well hello and welcome to April. I don’t know about you but I can’t believe that we’re already well and truly into spring. We’ll soon be starting our nomadic wedding life again and our first wedding of 2015 will take place in just a few weeks. Our wonderful open weekend is just around the corner too so it’s a time of high excitement and preparations galore at Wedding Yurts HQ!


Anyway, as I’m writing this, the weather is being very British outside my window – one minute the rain is falling and the next, the sun is trying to peep through the clouds. This super changeable climate is always a big consideration for weddings and for us so I thought I’d pass on a few of the weatherproofing tips that I’ve learned over the years and explain why the weather needn’t ever curtail your celebrations with Wedding Yurts…

The first thing I should say is always have a weather contingency plan – fair weather and foul can play havoc with the most carefully prepared days so a little bit of forethought can save so much stress.

I think most couples worry about cold, wet weather, especially when they’re planning a wedding with an outdoors feel. The first thing I would say is – don’t worry! The yurts are very cosy in any weather and it’s actually very romantic under canvas when it’s raining outside. The moment the temperature starts to drop, we light the wood burners and our mega space heater warms up even the biggest yurt in minutes. Our yurts all have solid oak floors so banish all thoughts of feeling cold and damp when you’re with us.

Guests always love to be outside when the sun goes down and even summer evenings can feel chilly when the sunsets. So, I recommend blankets by the basket load! They’re great to wrap up in when you’re snuggling around the fire and we’ve often found guests still sat around when the sun comes up – it’s such a simple pleasure but one everyone seems to love.

8. Lizzie

On the practical side of things, and these apply to any wedding, if you’re having an outside ceremony, consider your back-up plan in case the weather turns. This might involve an inside space, a covered area of some sort or even plenty of umbrellas!

2. Lizzie

Also, have a chat with your photographer in advance so you’ve got alternative photographic locations all sorted. If guests are parking in fields, check the site is free draining to avoid muddy wheel spinning or plan to have a 4×4 or tractor on hand to help cars if they’re struggling.

Now, let’s look at another option – a beautiful, hot day for your wedding. Whilst this might sound like a dream, it does come with its own challenges but again, a few moments of thinking ahead can make sure that everyone enjoys a long, balmy day together.

When the temperatures start to soar, we take the canvas walls off of the yurts and this opens the space up beautifully. You’re still in the shade but the air can circulate to keep everyone cool and it really is fantastic.


Everyone loves to be outside on these super summer days so make sure there are plenty of cold drinks for guests and we recommend lots of non-alcoholic alternatives too, just to keep everyone hydrated.

You might like to think about providing sun cream, sun hats or parasols for guests and if you’re a bride or bridesmaid with a strapless dress, don’t forget the factor thirty on your shoulders. Pretty hand held paper fans make great little favours on hot days so this might be something to consider, especially if you’re feeling crafty.

Sun hats(image sourced via Pinterest – Vogue Espana)

The bugs do like to come out to play on warm days, especially if you’re near a lake or water so insect repellant is a practical addition to guest comfort packs and citronella candles are a bit of a must-have too.

In short, whilst we can’t influence the weather on your wedding day, we can certainly make sure that it doesn’t rain on your parade!

I’ll be back soon with news from the Wedding Yurts 2015 season but, in the meantime, enjoy April – whatever the weather throws at us!

Lizzie x

Spring is on its way! Enjoy the Outdoors with Garden Yurts

27th of February 2015

Oh hello spring! It’s lovely to see you and thank you so much for bringing a bit of brightness to the year. Yes, spring has sprung and all in the world is beautiful. Longer days, flowers, blossom filled boughs and the promise of even warmer summer days to come – it’s certainly safe to say that it is a wonderful time of year.

Spring also heralds the start of the outdoor life for me because Wedding Yurts will be hitting the road soon for a packed season of weddings and celebrations right around the UK. I can’t wait and of course, I’ll be sharing everything with you here and as-it-happens on Instagram so make sure you’re following us!

I would imagine that I’m not alone in getting outside more now winter is behind us and, whilst you might not be living the nomadic wedding life like me this year, outdoor living is something we all enjoy so I wanted to share our gorgeous Garden Yurts with you today…

Handcrafted from sweet chestnut and made by the same master craftsmen that make our Wedding Yurts, the garden version is the ultimate flexible space so if you love the idea of a secret space at the bottom of the garden, I can’t think of anything better.

If you work from home, Garden Yurts make the most perfect personal office. Free from distractions (but as wired in as you like!), you can wander through the garden to your new workspace and enjoy all the peace and quiet you need for the most productive of days. Alternatively, if you can stand it, hand your yurt over to your children and give them a cool hangout that doesn’t interfere with home life.


yurts-6 yurts-8 yurts-8

Creatives also adore our Garden Yurts and they’re perfect sized for artists, crafters and makers or as a retreat for lucky writers, readers and even yoga fans. Of course, they also make excellent spaces for entertaining – imagine hosting a dinner party in your yurt and enjoying life al fresco without any interruptions from the weather! Garden Yurts are fantastic guest bedrooms or use them for your own accommodation – pack it up and take it on holiday to really put the glam in glamping!





As you can use your Garden Yurt for anything you like, you can of course tailor it to your needs. Add colour with canvas in a range of colours including blues, plums and browns and why not indulge in with a vintage fabric liner for the interior? You can also ensure your Garden Yurt is set for all seasons with solid oak floors, wooden doors and the warming wood burner. Ah, it’s year-round natural perfection – cool in the summer, super cosy in the winter and pretty and practical too. So come on, reclaim your garden and get outside!


If you’d like any more information on our Garden Yurts, do take a look at our website for information and pricing. You’re also, as always, very welcome to contact me on either 07816 452080 or

Now, stop reading this and get outside. It’s stunning out there.

Love Lizzie xx

Photos by Noel Deasington

Decor and styling by Lizzie Jones

Model – The very handsome Len – Photographer’s dog.


We’re Hiring! Come & Work With Wedding Yurts

2nd of February 2015

As you might have gathered from our recent blog posts and social media updates, last year was super busy for Wedding Yurts and this year looks set to be packed with wonderful weddings and beautiful events from start to finish.

So, it’s incredibly exciting to be able to say that… WE’RE HIRING!


Yes, we’re looking for two amazing people to join Team Wedding Yurts for our 2015 season. You’ll be a very important part of a small team and you’ll be involved in the installation and de-rigging of our stunning hand-crafted yurts and preparing them for our lovely clients as well as loading and unloading our vehicles. You’ll also be able to flex your creative muscles decorating and furnishing the yurts and crafting the most memorable one-off outdoor wedding celebrations. On the wedding days themselves, you’ll be looking after all the guests, serving drinks, clearing glasses and continuing the first-class, personal service that we’re so well known for.

You don’t need to know anything about yurts or indeed have specific wedding experience as we’ll invest plenty of time and energy in training you. What is important however is that you’re friendly, physically fit/strong, and enthusiastic, reliable, punctual, positive and highly motivated. We’re a small team so we’ll need you to be willing to work hard, get involved and do everything to be absolute best of your ability.

We host weddings all over the UK so you’ll be required to work flexible hours through the wedding season (April-September 2015). You’ll also need access to your own vehicle with a full U.K driving licence.

Living the nomadic wedding life is a great outdoor experience. It’s challenging for sure but it’s also incredibly satisfying and always fun. You’ll have the opportunity to travel widely and we’re hosting sixteen yurt weddings right around the UK this year in some of the most idyllic locations. This is certainly a fantastic way to spend your summer with a friend or partner and we can’t wait to welcome you to the team.


If you’d like to know more about the role, if you have any questions or if you’d like to apply, please get in touch with me via

A Wonderful Start to 2015

28th of January 2015

Well hello to you and my goodness, how can we almost be at the end of January already? It’s been a wonderful start to the year here at Wedding Yurts HQ and there is lots to share with you in this update so read on for all our latest news…

Firstly, here’s a date for your diary because we’re holding our annual Open Weekend at the gorgeous Maisemore Court Farm in Gloucestershire on 18th & 19th April. There are hourly appointments available between 11am and 6pm so if you’d like to come and see our luxury Wedding Yurts in this beautiful lakeside setting, do please get in touch via or on 07816 452 080. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Wedding Yurts Invitation

We’re only just into 2015 but 2016 is filling up fast and in fact, June 2016 is already fully booked! Our new brochure and shiny updated website have obviously caught the eyes of couples everywhere and the enquiries are coming in thick and fast at the moment.  If you’re holding off getting in touch, I’d urge you not to because our Wedding Yurts are more popular than ever.

WY Brochure 2016_Cover

You might have caught us in print over the New Year as our signature Roseberry cocktails have featured in titles such as Perfect Wedding and there’s more coverage to come so keep your eyes open for our very special brand of goodness. We’re always thrilled that people love to share what we do so thank you to everyone who has included Wedding Yurts, it means a lot to us.


Whilst it’s been a busy month, it’s also been a fun month and we’ve found time in between the rain showers to give our gorgeous Garden Yurts a bit of attention. They were the stars of their very own photo shoot recently and they really are perfect all-year-around additions to your home because we were snug inside despite the weather outside. Like our Wedding Yurts, the garden versions are handmade and ideal outdoor living spaces whether you need an office, guest space or simply a hideaway of your own. I’ll be sharing the photos soon and I can’t wait!

So, here’s to many more updates this year and, if you’ve ever fancied being on the nomadic wedding road with Wedding Yurts, you might like to keep your eye on our Instagram feed over the coming weeks…

Lizzie x

Brilliant, Busy & Bride-tastic ~ A review of 2014 Part Two.

20th of November 2014

Hello again!

I’m back for the second part of our little look back at all of the brilliant moments that made up our year. As you’ll have seen so far in the first installment, it’s been busy and wonderful in equal measure.

So, after summer slowed down, I’ve had some fantastic opportunities to indulge my creative side with photo-shoots and styling aplenty. I have created a new styling and decoration service for 2015,  this is very exciting because I love creating beautiful spaces and our yurts are so incredibly versatile that they lend themselves to any look.

I love working with our couples to define their style, develop their themes and then I bring everything together for the wedding itself. These shoots also allowed me to work with some truly fab suppliers which was such a treat!

Our first shoot was a fabulous ‘Laid Back & Bohemian’ shoot.  Held in the bottom of my garden in our little 12ft Yurt, there were champagne cocktails, my girlfriends, gorgeous gowns by Jenny Packham, Emma Hunt and Alice Temperley and lots of laughter…

Wedding Yurts-881161063.Wedding Yurts-575312

You can see more images from this shoot over on the award winning Fizzy Bunting blog:

And our second shoot was full of sparkle in the woods as we brought disco to life…


Both of these shoots have featured in Mr & Mrs Unique’s autumn/winter online magazine, which you can read here.

You’ll also be seeing these shoots pop up on blogs and in magazines over the coming months too. It’s all super exciting.

Whilst I’m on the subject of styling, my guide to decorating the yurts featured on the beautiful Coco Wedding Venues recently as a follow-up to our earlier post all about the practicalities of hiring one of our wedding yurts. If you’ve already booked us, or if you’re thinking of hiring a yurt for your wedding, bookmark these features now because I packed so much information into them!

Click here for ~ My styling guide coco pic

Click here for our guide to hiring our Wedding Yurts.coco pic 2

Another huge highlight was being asked by the utterly inspiring and altogether lovely team at Sawday’s to provide a yurt for their 20th Anniversary Awards. They wanted to bring a little bit of the Sawday’s vibe to the event as well as adding a big dose of wow to the drinks reception. So, we erected our Garden Yurt indoors at the iconic Arnolfini in Bristol and it looked fabulous if I do say so myself! The yurt was filled with beautiful and colourful flowers by Lily Violet May and my favourite peacock chair also got another outing. As you can imagine, an indoor yurt attracted plenty of attention and it became THE place for all the award winners to have their photos taken. As photobooths go, it really doesn’t get better than this!

sawdayszzINSIDE GARDEN YURTsawdays-awards-2014-winners-langar-hall-and-fingalassawdays-awards-2014-winners-in-the-yurtsawdays-awards-2014-daphnie-new-inn-at-brilley-and-lizzie-from-garden-yurts

We have also been nominated for the ‘Best Wedding Venue’ in the Perfect Wedding Awards!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us, we are beyond thrilled to be nominated, the winners will be announced tonight at the awards ceremony in London, please keep all your fingers and toes crossed for us!! 🙂

WY Perfect Wedding Awards 14

And so our year full of yurts is drawing to a close and we’re snuggled up at home, preparing for 2015 and beyond. We have now started taking bookings for 2016 and our beautiful new brochure is ready. There are new services to tempt you so if you’d like a copy, just get in touch –

Who knows what wonderful and amazing moments 2015 will bring but if next year is anything like this, it’s going to be unbelievably good. We can’t wait.

Keep warm and cosy

Lizzie x

Credits for ‘Laid Back & Boho’ shoot:

Lizzie Jones – Stylist and props – via Wedding Yurts
Yurt – Wedding Yurts
Virginia Allwood – Photographer – Le Shop U.K
Lily Barton – Florist – Lily Violet May
Annabella Hodge – Make up Artist  – ByAnnabella
Sally James at Me Me Hair Salon, Clifton, Bristol – Hair Stylist

Credits for ‘Disco’ shoot:

Photographer – Noel Deassington
Yurt – Wedding Yurts
Art Direction & Styling/Props – Lizzie Jones- Wedding Yurts
Art Direction & Co-ordination- Erica – Mr & Mrs Unique
Dresses & Shoes – Katie Pearson – Miss Selfridges
Light up dance floor – Dance-floor Discotastique
Make up – Maddy Griffiths – In Your Dreams
Flowers – Lily Barton – Lily Violet May
Venue – Arnos Vale – The Underwood Centre
Hair – Noel Halligan – Sean Hanna