Wedding Yurts 2016 Season Review – Part Two: Places & People

I’m writing part two of our 2016 Wedding Yurts season review with a huge smile on my face. One of the joys of being a complete travelling wedding venue is that we get to visit so many amazing places and meet so many wonderful people. Every location is different, every supplier shows us something new and every wedding is full of individuality and spirit. Today’s feature is all about the places that we went and the people that we met during our nomadic summer.

0851-alice-fraser-dsc_81101Photo by Jemma Mickleburgh

Let’s start with the places that we went. During our 2016 season, we hosted 16 glorious yurt weddings all over the UK. We were at a mixture of locations from weddings venues to family homes and private farms. That’s the beauty of Wedding Yurts – we can turn any space into your dream wedding venue!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a yurt-friendly wedding venue then I’d like to recommend three fabulous locations to you. Firstly, Houghton Lodge in Hampshire is an absolute dream. With fourteen acres of wonderful gardens, there’s plenty of space for a wedding and we all fell in love with its riverside charm.


Not too far away is Sopley Lake in the New Forest and this is such a laid back, relaxed spot that we didn’t want to leave. Do check it out!

kimandadam-119Photo by Nicola Jo

Lastly, Glebe House in Nottinghamshire charmed us all and I know we’ve all got fond memories of our time here.

20160723-181546_rs9c4150Photo by Gail Burton

Our yurts looked incredibly different for every occasion and DIY brides, friends, aspiring florists and professional floral designers all created memorable weddings. I have to recommend these amazing florists from this season. All great to work with and ridiculously talented, this special bunch made everything bloom!

Jenny Fleur


Rebecca Craddock


Jennifer Poynter


The Oak & The Owl


Mulberry House Flowers


The Flower Hut


Lastly, I have to talk about caterers. Catering for a wedding is always a big responsibility so it’s fantastic to work with caterers and chefs who not only produce amazing food but who also clearly LOVE what they do. This summer, we’ve seen menus including organic, locally grown and seasonal banquets through to food trucks serving fish and chips not to mention wood-fired pizzas, huge paellas, delicious picnics and crowd-pleasing hog and lamb roasts.


I’d love to recommend a few of the unforgettable foodies we met this summer. Firstly, Peter Harrison is a chef who, quite honestly, I’d love to follow me around on a daily basis! His food was unbelievably good but then, with thirty years of culinary experience, that’s not surprising. Peter loves to celebrate the seasons with his menus so if you’re in Suffolk or nearby, do get in touch with him.

0511 Alice & Fraser  DSC_1167.jpg

On the other side of the country, Cotswold Cooks in Wiltshire also work with local sourced, super fresh ingredients that quite often come from their own organic farm. Their seasonal menu was a huge hit and I know I was dreaming about it for a long time!


If you’re planning your yurt wedding, I’m always happy to recommend suppliers who we’ve worked with in the past and if you’ve not yet booked Wedding Yurts for your wedding, don’t forget that our 2018 brochure is now available with dates booking quickly. Do get in touch to find out more.

Lizzie x

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